Roger Roger!

 "Ugh, I hate Clankers."

Rex's remark on Battle droids.


B1 Battle droids are the most common droid infantry unit in the Seperatist army.

These Droids are mass produced and are the least expensive droid, which is the reason why the Seperatist have so many. There is are more Powerful versions known as the BX Commando Droid and the B2 Super Battle droids.

Physical description and AbilitiesEdit

Height: 6 ft 2 inches.

Model: B1 Battle Droid

Class: Battle Droid.

Weapons: Varies, Mostly E5-Blaster rifles.

Battle droids look like cybernetic walking Skeletons, they have limited abilities in combat.

They have a Bigger and Stronger Model known as the B2 Super Battle Droid.

Battle droids swarm in numbers to Over come threats, like Jedi or Clones alike.

A battle droid can use Thermal detonators.