B2 Super Battle Droid

"They Sent in the Supers!"

Clone troopers remark.

The B2 Super Battle Droid is a more smarter and dangerous Battle droid compared to the B1 units. Although strong it is twice as expensive.

Physical Description:

Height: 6 ft 5 inches

Name: B2 Super battle Droid

Weapons: Dual wrist cannons, Rocket arm.

Bio: Bigger, Slower, Stronger and smarter than the Smaller Cousin and they pose a large threat to anyone, or anything.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Super's are a large Droid used to enforce deployment in a specific warzone. They use their twin Blaster cannons on both of their wrists to anhilate Republic forces. They slowly walk towards their enemies and fire at them, which makes them vulnerable. In close quarters combat, Super battle droids can grip their targets and shoot them in the stomach. They have a weak spot to where their heart is supposed to be, its a red thermal sensor and when shot, the Super will be taken down instantly.