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 "Cold blooded and dangerous, Though they aren't perfect, They're a little bit too blood thirsty for that."

Rex's remark.

Commando droids are the more silent, expensive and stronger version of the B1 Battle Droids.


Name: BX Commando Droids.

Height: 6 ft 3 inches

Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Thermal detonator and Vibro Blade.

Bio: Better fight weaker droids like B1's than these guys.

Skills and Abilities:

Commando droids fight similar to Clone troopers, but faster and can take more shots. Only a few clones can actually confirm their kills against these droids. They Fight effectively with their Vibro Blades as only the Captain Commando Droids seem to use them, not only are they experts with weapons, they seem to be experts without weapons too. In hand-to-hand Combat situations, commando droids can toss, pummel and even choke Clones. A few Commando droids have actually been reported to kill Jedi.

The most notable member is The Scarred Commando Droid.

Minimal Casualties, Maximum Effectivness.