Welcome to the Star wars The Clone wars Roleplay WikiEdit

This is a Roleplay site thats still underconstruction. The Clone wars is raging hard and the Republic is accepting any recruit they can get, while the Seperatist are making up any droid model they can come up with. Which side will you join?

Galactic ConflictEdit

"Rex here! welcome to the galactic conflict shinies! now first, lets get through the basics. This is a Role play site, which means that you can be a Character!

from anywhere. Now fight for which side you feel is right and pay a visit to your team base. If you have any questions, report to Me, Captain Rex, Commander Cody,xXR3@p3r$xX

That is all, Good luck Shinies! Rex out!"

"This is Commander Cody we have a few rules in the republic no Foul language and no insulting other clones! Good luck out there rookies!"

Latest activityEdit

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The Basic clone, we may look alike but trust me. We are ALL different.